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New Zealand offers many great species to hunt and great hunting it is! World-famous for its impressive Red Stags and internationally recognised for the alpine hunting of Tahr and Chamois.

hunting-wanaka-big-stagThere are 12 species to hunt in New Zealand and we specialise in 9 of these great trophies:

  • Red Stag - Rut starts late March and continues through to early May. We hunt the stag by glassing and stalking from Feb - July
  • Elk - Bugle from mid March through to early May and are hunted the same way as the Red Stag.
  • Fallow - Rut is May and June and is a very exciting animal to hunt as it is very cunning. Can hunt from Feb - July
  • Tahr / Chamois - Are a mountain animal which are hunted in the Southern Alps. Their rut is May-June when they have long winter coats, but they can be hunted through the year.
  • White Tail - These Bucks rut May - June. As they are a difficult trophy to hunt this is the best time to secure a good trophy and a good chance to take a Buck Chamios as they live in the same area.
  • Pigs -These can be hunted all year round. A large boar which can weigh up to 200 pounds, they roam through the high country of New Zealand and can be hunted with dogs or glassing or stalking.
  • Ferral Goat/Ferral Ram - These are interesting animals to hunt that roam the high country. They are hunted year round.
  • Sika/Rusa/Samba - These three species are hunted in the North Island, although this is not our primary hunting region we can arrange and accompany you on these as well.

Your Guide:

hunting-wanaka-stacey-andersonStacey Anderson
Has hunted in New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, and Tijikistan.

hunting-wanaka-hut-1Weather / Climate

New Zealand weather can be unpredictable due to our position in the South Pacific. Don't expect any hurricanes or tornadoes but be prepared for both cold wet weather and warm dry weather.

  • February - March (Summer) Warm,  average min and max temperatures ranging from 45° to 75° F

  • April - May - (Autumn) This is New Zealand's fall and average temps are 35°–60° F

  • July - August (Winter) This is the coldest time of the year with Temperatures 30°–50°F


Any calibre between 270 - 300 win mag is enough for the game in New Zealand. Most shooting distances will be from approximately 100 to 300 yards.


Importation of firearms is a simple process as New Zealand is a hunter friendly location.

Firearm import permit: 

You'll Need Stacey's detail to filll in the following form:
Firearms permit No: 55038594
Address: Mt Maude Lodge, 964 Te Awa Rd, RD2, Lake Hawea 9345

Click Here to fill out the Firearms Form Online PRIOR to your departure.

 This will give them your information and it will take 5 - 10 Minutes to clear your firearms.

Expediting of Trophies

This is taken care of by our taxidermist. We will cape animals in the field and then put them in a freezer until we transfer to our taxidermist who will prepare them for shipping.

Reservation Policy

Reservations are confirmed with a 25% deposit with the balance paid before leaving the lodge. Deposits hold dates but are non-refundable. Your dates can be changed subject to availability.

*All prices quoted in US Dollars $


Here is list of Past Clients around the world who are happy to share their experiences of NZ Hunting Safaris with you. Don't hesitate to give them a call.

Chris Dianda Nevada (775) 742-4164
Dan Clark Idaho (208) 661-9090
James MacDougall South Dakota (605) 226-2663
Greg Tuttle Oregon (541) 889-8219
Bill Muzyl Michigan (989) 732-9400
Jeff Chaulk Michigan (989) 370-5787
Justin Herd Texas (432) 288-2451
Guy Scott BC, Canada (250) 642-5358
Murat Boyacioglu Turkey (427) 88-4647